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Corporate finance is no small matter. This realm is chock full of complicated challenges that require the precision and expertise of a knowledgeable corporate finance attorney. The Dean Law Firm is here for businessmen in New York City, on Wall Street and across Texas. Our corporate finance attorneys are skilled negotiators who can structure and complete complicated financing transactions of all varieties. If your business needs to borrow capital, issue securities, lend money or perform any other sort of corporate finance transaction, lean on The Dean Law Firm. You can rest easy as we sweat the subtleties of your corporate finance transaction.

From senior secured loans to junior lien financings, 144A bond issuances and capital market transactions, we can handle finance deals encompassing an array of assets and styles of business. We always operate with our clients’ needs firmly in mind. Perhaps you are interested in a public or private offering. Maybe you are concerned with governance, risk and compliance matters. Perhaps investment management challenges or a merger looms on the horizon. Our law firm handles all such matters in a practical and effective manner. We’ll protect you against lawsuits, mitigate risk, maintain SEC compliance and provide rock-solid legal advice every step of the way.


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